Serious Joy

(Mostly) serious thoughts in light of the joy of seeking God.

Serious Joy - (Mostly) serious thoughts in light of the joy of seeking God.

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toolsThose who know me know that I have some history with blogging. I started off with a personal blog while I was an undergrad at CSULB roughly 10 years ago. I then co-founded The A-Team Blog with three friends. The A-Team Blog shifted in composition and frequency over the years until it sputtered out in 2011. During that time, I presented at conferences on blogging and new media and co-edited The New Media Frontier with John Mark Reynolds.

I do not know if there is a clear reason why I stopped blogging. It was probably a handful of reasons- time, shifting interests, depreciation. During my time-off there have been several occasions when I felt compelled to write a blog post, but simply did not do it. In part, I felt that The A-Team Blog was done and I did not have a place any more. Also, I decided to pursue business instead of academics (though still working on my Masters in Philosophy).

Why am I back now? This is part of a process that began a few weeks ago. I came to realize that though God could use my business as a ministry, I would never feel the fulfillment I feel when contending for the truth, relevance, and application of ideas. For several years I have wavered between pursuing a PhD and starting a business, practically keeping a foot on both roads. I recently decided to put both feed on the PhD path and pick up the pace.

Blogging gave me many great opportunities over the years. One of the most valuable things I got out of blogging was experience writing. I was compelled to write often and, over time, that led to improvement. Though there are many reasons to blog, my primary reason for coming back to blogging is for further help with writing and expressing my thoughts well. Allons-y!