The Left’s Fear of Resource Depletion

Date August 14, 2009 Posted by Amy Hall

Earlier this week, I guest blogged over at Caffeinated Thoughts on this question:

[P]redictions [from the Left] of resource depletion leading to disaster have still not come true.  The question is, why do they continue to wrongly predict these things?  What is behind this mistake?  What are they missing?

The gist of my answer (which I owe to Jay Richards and his book, Money, Greed and God):

A materialist sees a human being as a consumer only and so thinks that we must keep population down to match the resources we currently possess.  But the fact is that the non-material contributions we humans make to the world end up causing us to produce more than we consume.  This is why in a free economy where people are allowed to flourish, the market is able to grow.  Production and resources increase because we, as human beings, are more than the sum of our materials.

Read the rest of the explanation here.  (And please note that I do not think every person on the Left, particularly if a Christian, would consider himself to be a materialist.  However, the ideas of the Left were conceived in and grew out of a materialist worldview.  That being the case, the ideas still bear the marks (and problems) of materialism.)

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3 Responses to “The Left’s Fear of Resource Depletion”

  1. Benjamin said:

    Huh. I’d have thought that the people who will willingly and gleefully trade the lives of millions of people in third world countries and billions of animals for their own material comforts would count as more materialistic than people saying we can do without. Maybe the term means different things to different people.

    Even leaving that aside, though, isn’t counting on the ingenuity of the next few generations to clean up our messes kind of irresponsible? Seems sort of like a materialistic young person maxing out a bunch of credit cards for fancy toys and just assuming that they’ll have an awesome job in a few months and it won’t be an issue. Sure, it works out like that sometimes, but I wouldn’t call it a sound strategy.

  2. Amy Hall said:

    I was using the word in the philosophical sense. Materialism: the physical world is all that exists.

    I encourage you to read the book!

  3. Benjamin said:

    Would, but can’t. Working my way through The Monkeywrench Gang. 😛

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