Distant Shores

Date June 30, 2010 Posted by Roger Overton

This is the first poem I’m written in a few years. It’s not very sophisticated, but I think it works. “On Distant Shores” is a phrase that teases my imagination. It conjures in my mind thoughts of Aslan’s Country in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. What lies beyond that shoreline? One day we shall see.

My heart yet years for distant shores

   Where pain and sorrow stain no more

Since my youth and from days of old

   I’ve heard hopes excitedly told

Of sprawling vast mansion and streets of gold

   Of countless fishing holes and treasures without mold

But I have longed for more than these

   Something worth the journey on these troubled seas

For beyond the shores a kingdom lies

   Filled with pure light and bluest skies

A king there reigns with proven might

   He has conquered sin and made all wrongs right

He has healed the broken and given sight

   And become for all people a wellspring of light

One day I’ll face that inevitable hour

   And in death I’ll flee to that strong tower

At that grand moment I’ll see His face

   My savior, brother and author of my race

More than gold or rest it’s Him I seek

   He is true treasure and strength for the weak

Eternal communion with my dearest friend

   Makes all trials meaningful and worth it in the end

So onward I sail to the evermore

   Each day closer to those distant shores

Over sin and temptations make my soul soar

   Until the shores of heaven be distant no more.

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